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Contact Lens Fitting

If you have ever been told that you can't wear contacts or have had difficulty in finding contact lenses that work for you, Dr. McCulley would be happy to see you for a contact lens evaluation. She has extensive training and experience in fitting contact lenses.

Soft Contacts

Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses. Contact lens prescriptions and glasses prescriptions are often different, and the fitting involves measurements and an examination of how contact lenses function on your eyes. Our contact lens fitting exams come with training for new patients on insertion, removal and care. We also include trial contacts and follow ups to insure your lenses are working for you.

Toric Contacts (for Astigmatism)

Contact lenses to correct astigmatism continue to improve. Astigmatism is a specific curvature of the eye and a part of many prescriptions, and contacts can be a great way to help correct it.

Multifocal Contacts

Contacts are still an option even if you wear reading glasses or bifocals. Dr. McCulley can help to determine the best solution for you.