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McCulley Optix Gallery is filled with unique designer frames to suit your style, work and leisure needs. We offer exclusive frame lines for Men, Women, Children, and Infants. Check out our gallery below!

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McCulley Optix Gallery is thrilled to offer the best in optical lenses. All of our lenses are made with the latest technology and extremely light and thin materials are available.
Our lenses always come with treatments for no-glare, scratch and UV protection, plus a one year warranty against breakage and scratches.



All of our fabulous opticians at McCulley Optix Gallery are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in your glasses. If you have questions about caring for your glasses or need your glasses cleaned or adjusted, our staff is happy to help.

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Wearing a prescription does not make your vision worse. Often when a patient gets eyewear for the first time the visual improvement is so significant that vision without it seems much worse, especially over time. This is simply because the brain can now compare two images, one with eyewear and one without, and realize how much clearer the vision is with spectacle correction.

Our experienced staff will be glad to assist you in choosing a frame that fits your style, work and leisure needs. As you browse our wide variety of eyewear, we will work with you to personally select frame options that will suit your looks and personality. You may be surprised at what a great work of art your face can be with the perfect frame! We offer personal eyewear shopping appointments and consultations. Fill out this survey to get started!

Lens thickness depends on how strong the prescription is, the type of lens material used, and the shape of the frame. In general, the stronger the prescription, the thicker the lens. However, new high index lens materials are available that can minimize thickness. Our experienced opticians will help you choose the type of lens and frame size that will look best on you and be best for your prescription.