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Protection from harmful UV rays is very important when it comes to caring for your eyes. McCulley Optix Gallery would love to fit you with the perfect pair of fashionable and functional prescription or nonprescription sunglasses. Our gallery of designer frames offers styles for Men, Women, and Children of all ages.

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Whether it's for driving, golfing, fishing, or sitting on the patio, our expert staff will help you find a pair of sunglasses lenses to suit your needs. All of our sunglasses lenses protect from 100% of UV rays, and polarized lenses help to block glare from surfaces including the water, snow, and cars. Wear glasses? Prescription sunglasses are a fantastic option to enhance your vision outside. Plus, there are options to get creative with colored tints and mirrored surfaces on your lenses. Ask our staff how to get the most out of your sunglasses.



All of our fabulous opticians at McCulley Optix Gallery are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in your glasses. If you have questions about caring for your glasses or need your glasses cleaned or adjusted, our staff is happy to help.

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Bottom line, better sun protection for your eyes. All our Sunglasses use optical quality lenses and frames, have 100% UV Protection, and many have a polarized lens and/or a backside Anti-Glare treatment. Good sunglasses help prevent UV light from getting in to your eyes, which can be a major cause of cataracts.

A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in the eye, which is located behind the iris and the pupil. This usually occurs as we age, but can also be caused by trauma, the use of certain medications, or excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation present in sunlight. Symptoms of cataracts include blurred vision, problems with glare, faded colors, or difficulty with night driving. A comprehensive eye exam with Dr. McCulley will determine if you have a cataract.